Our "Boho Sunset" Waistbead strand is made up of Orange Garnet and Lapis Lazuli crystals offering the wearer:



Orange (Spessartite) Garnet has an uplifting effect on your mental and emotional energy fields. clearing any heavy stagnant resonances of mood or unconscious thoughts that may be bringing you down and interfering with your fire and creative flow.  



Lapis Lazuli takes into another dimension of yourself.  It gives you almost a position or regality, as it elevates you to a state of consciousness where you can become a sacred witness to your inner life.  

Boho Sunset

  • This strand allows the wearer an opportunity to focus on the particular intentions they wish to cultivate within or around them.


    What are your intentions behind this strand?


    This strand is tie-on and will not stretch.  

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